FastTrak Sessions on Mobile Business

Following the success of FastTrak in 2017, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) will be launching the second phase of this course by organising a number of information sessions on how to take your business on Mobile.

The aim is to encourage local business owners to take the next step in their eCommerce journey, by shedding light on the benefits brought about by mobile commerce. These include: increasing agility within one’s business; being always on, always checked, and always acted on; producing personalised content which ultimately influences customers more; facilitating and enhancing consumer communication; and increasing proximity between customer and business owner.

Topics will include mobile marketing, mobile apps, laws and regulations, mobile-optimised websites and others. These sessions will be mostly discussion-based, but shall also include hands-on training using devices provided by the MCA.

FastTrak on Mobile Business is being offered free of charge in different locations around Malta, and will be taking place during the summer months. The sessions, which will be approximately three hours long, will be held in the evenings. Multiple intakes are planned to span over summer, giving interested individuals ample opportunity to register.

Applications to open on the 17th July.