eBiznify Launch 2020

The Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy Clayton Bartolo launches intake for the eBiznify programme. The eBiznify training programme is one of the initaitives under the eCommerce National Strategy 2014 – 2020.

Parliamentary Sercretary Clayton Bartolo stressed on the need for business, especially SMEs, to become proficient in eCommerce during these uncertain times. “Last year, 58% of the Maltese population shopped online. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we will surely see a spike this year in the number of people buying over the Internet.  Therefore, we need to ensure that even small businesses can keep up with consumer demand. This programme will ensure the provision of necessary training to enhance the required digital skills” Parliamentary Secretary Bartolo stated.

With a reputation forexcellence since its launch in 2018, the eBiznify training programme develops valuable skills and provides insights on all aspects of eCommerce. This time round, the programme is being offered through a collaborative effort between the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) and the eSkills Malta Foundation. Participants attend for a series of modules via a dedicated eLearning platform supported by guided online tutorials and peer-to –peer discussions.

On successful completion of the eBiznify training programme, participants will be awarded an MQF certified Level 4 course in digital business.

Mr. Jesmond Bugeja, CEO Malta Communications Authority explained, “This is a time where digital skills need to be sharpened to ensure that the opportunities of eCommerce are exploited by localbusinesses”.

Mr. Carm Cachia,Chief Administrator eSkills added that, “The involvement of eSkills Malta Foundation was a natural transition towards growth and continued success of eBiznify as this initiative directly contributes to the upskilling and skills development recommended in the National eSkills Strategy 2019-2021.”

Those interested in following the eBiznify programme are invited to register online at https://ebiznify.com/