2015: MCA Consumer Perceptions Survey - Fixed Telephony

The MCA has today published the results of a survey it carried out between August and October 2015, in order to gauge consumer perceptions and satisfaction levels with regard to fixed telephony services in Malta.

The survey, which was limited to residential users, was carried out via telephone interviews after respondents were chosen at random. A total of 800 households participated in this survey.

According to the survey, 58% of GO subscribers and 61% of Melita subscribers have their fixed line connection forming part of a bundle. In addition, circa 3% of all households are subscribed to more than one fixed line operator.

The survey results also show that only 4% of all households consider terminating their fixed line connection during the next 12 months presumably to use other means of communications such as mobile telephony. This once again confirms that fixed telephony services are still considered to be an important component of the Maltese household. Interestingly, 77% of households often /sometimes view the mobile phone to be a good substitute for a fixed line. In the 2013 survey, 72% of households held this perception.

In terms of pricing, the majority of respondents perceive landline calls to another landline to be cheap or reasonably priced.  On the other hand, 69% of households believe that landline calls to the mobile phone are still expensive.

The survey also finds that 56% of households with telephone access make international calls from their fixed line, with 59% using the Ten21 service, 7% using the GO fixed line service and 4% using the Melita fixed line service. In this case, 74% of those who said they make international calls claim that the rates for the service are cheap or reasonable.

22% of households also claim to use the Internet (e.g. via Skype) to make local calls. The majority of these households believe that it is a good substitute to fixed line telephony.

The survey shows that satisfaction levels have been maintained during the last two years. Go subscribers are however generally more satisfied with their fixed telephony service when compared to Melita; 92% GO versus 83% Melita.

It also emerges from the survey that 4% of households changed their fixed line operator over the last two years. Circa 48% of those who claim to have switched operators over the last two years have opted to port their original number. 79% of those who changed operators claim that switching was not difficult.

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