2015: MCA Consumer Perceptions Survey - Bundles

The MCA has today published the results of a survey it carried out between September and October 2015, in order to gauge consumer perceptions and satisfaction levels with regard to bundle services in Malta.

The survey, which was limited to residential users, was carried out via telephone interviews after respondents were chosen at random. A total of 805 households participated in this survey.

Results from this survey show that 55% of households with a bundle service have opted for this arrangement because it offers them a better overall price. Additionally, 41% of households say they opted for the bundle because of the convenience of receiving one bill. Similarly, 22% of households claim to have subscribed to a bundle service as it makes it easier for them to know how much they spend each month on electronic communication services.

The survey once again shows that the Internet is considered to be the most important service for households when selecting their bundle, followed up by TV and fixed telephony. 53% of all households with a bundle arrangement also have a mobile telephony package forming part of the bundle, 71% of which claim to use the mobile offers provided as part of the bundle.

79% of households with a bundle offer are satisfied or highly satisfied with the service they receive. In the 2013 survey satisfaction levels were at 70%. Meanwhile, of those that are not quite satisfied 49% cite frequent disconnections, 21% mention billing issues and 10% say customer care is bad. Furthermore 48% of those that are not quite satisfied consider changing their bundle provider. 62% of households that did in fact switch claim the process to be easy.

The survey also reports that 44% of households with a bundle service spend more than €40 a month. 55% perceive the cost to be reasonable or cheap.

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