Communications Market Review: July to December 2012

The purpose of this publication is to inform the general public on the main trends and developments in Malta for electronic communications and post. 

The review lists a good number of indicators for the aforementioned areas and provides a brief description of observed developments.

Data is presented on a quarterly basis.

Cut-off date for collection of data from operators to cover the period under review: 15th March 2013

The review clearly indicates when and where figures are prelimary or under review and therefore subject to change. It is advised that, in such instances, data is interpreted with caution.

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Update to the reader:

Text on page 11 and page 60 concerning average advertised rates for Pay TV has been updated.

Text now reads:
' MCA workings show that the average advertised rates for Pay TV were on various instances higher in Q4 2012 than in Q4 2011. This has been the case for the categories encompassing Pay TV packages listing between 25 and 49 channels, between 75 and 99 channels, and 100 channels or more.'

Text on page 48, third paragraph, now reads 'The number of fixed broadband connections on a bundled tariff also increased over the same period, with their number rising by 13.5% to 60,032 by the end of the current reporting period'.

Footnote 42 has been included on page 72.