Cloud Computing amongst Local Business Organisations: A Study

In 2015, Government extended the Malta Communications Authority’s (MCA) remit to help augment further cloud computing adoption amongst SME and enterprise organisations. As the entity tasked with promoting and facilitating the uptake of eCommerce, the MCA considers cloud computing to be a key player in enabling transformation, growth and innovation in today’s marketplace. To reach this aim as efficiently and as effectively as possible, the MCA consolidated its efforts to take on this responsibility by setting up the Malta Cloud Forum (MCF) in 2016.

As part of its ongoing effort in the field of cloud computing and its promotion, the Malta Cloud Forum (MCF) carried out a market study of the current situation on the use of cloud computing amongst business organisations in Malta. The aims of the survey were twofold. We wanted to get a good idea of the use and adoption of cloud computing with a particular interest in the micro enterprises business segment. The second main reason for this survey was to provide us with a way via which we can plan the MCF activities for the coming few years, ensuring we provide maximum value to the audience that needs it the most.

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