Charges for a service after termination

John is subscribed to a bundle which includes TV, Internet and telephony services. John noticed that his two (2) year agreement for his bundle was coming to an end and wished to terminate the services.

He contacted his service provider to enquire about the termination procedure. His service provider referred him to his contract where the termination procedure was listed.

Following this, John sent a signed termination letter to his service provider to terminate the services as stipulated in his contract. After a few days, he received a letter from his service provider acknowledging his termination letter and an appointment was set for the collection of equipment.

John noticed that after the notification period elapsed the services were still active and the equipment was not collected as agreed. A few days later he received a bill charging him for the following  month.

John contacted his service provider to complain about this matter. The service provider informed him that the services will be terminated the following month given the fact that the equipment was not collected. Furthermore, the service provider also informed him that he still had to pay the bill received. He contested that he sent the termination request in advance and that the notification period had already elapsed. Even though John contacted his service provider several times, his complaint was not addressed by his service provider.

In view of this, John referred his case to the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) by filling the MCA’s complaint form. The MCA requested a copy of the termination letter he sent to his service provider, and a copy of the bills received after the notification period.

After the requested information was provided, the Authority contacted his service provider in order to investigate John’s complaint. The MCA informed John’s service provider that from the information at hand, the termination request was sent in advance, however he was still being charged for the service.

The service provider acknowledged that John followed the termination procedure. Hence, another appointment was set by the service provider in order to collect the equipment. Furthermore, the service provider also waived any incorrect charges issued. The MCA contacted John and informed him about the outcome of his complaint.

More information on termination of service is available in MCA’s FAQs section.