Career Opportunity: Market Analyst

Position deliverables 

  • Define and assess electronic communications and postal markets, taking utmost account of EU Commission Guidelines and in accordance with MCA criteria.
  • Analyse the extent of competition in identified markets on an ongoing basis and designate operators as having Significant Market Power (SMP) on the basis of findings.
  • Monitor and report on relevant market developments on an ongoing basis.
  • Manage or participate in other initiatives as may from time to time be necessary.
  • Contribute towards the achievement of MCA objectives.

Position responsibilities

  • Follow-up and report to Management Team on position deliverables on a regular basis.
  • Publish related consultation documents and decisions as necessary.
  • Interact with EU National Regulatory Authorities, BEREC, the EU Commission, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Participate in meetings held locally and abroad involving BEREC and other workgroups as necessary, as well as in BEREC Expert Review teams.
  •  Draw up and publish bi-annual sector performance reports as well as any other relevant documents.
  • Carry out periodic surveys to gather additional information on market competition.
  • Carry out any policy analysis in relation to relevant areas of study.
  • Provide expert advice on relevant subject matter areas, internally within MCA as well as to other Maltese entities and overseas NRAs and other relevant organisations.
  • Manage the engagement and productivity levels of external contractors consistent with sound project management practice.
  • Perform other duties as assigned and undertake other assignments as directed by the Chief Policy and Planning.

Technical contribution

  • Carry out market reviews and analyses and recommends any resultant action.
  • Prepare impact assessment reports as required by the Chief Policy & Planning.
  • Collect and maintain statistical information required for analysis purposes.
  • Disseminate information to the rest of the Authority as required.
  • Conduct research on local and international developments in the assigned policy field and maintains a database of information and material accessible to all staff.
  • Contribute to the review and possible refinement of internal procedures and processes in particular those with a high content of customer interface.
  • Draft consultation papers and deals with the related processes leading up to the decision phase.
  • Interact with external stakeholders as required.
  • Manage and/or participate in projects as assigned.

Consultative tasks

  • Communicate with the Operators and other key industry clients to obtain required market information and to consult on matters pertaining to market analysis.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the Senior Management Team to facilitate a cohesive and integrated approach in the Authority’s operations and the ultimate fulfilment of the Strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Consult other MCA units on matters where their input is required.
  • Communicate with the EU Commission as required.
  • Communicate with the Competition Authority (MCCAA) as required.


  • Implement projects effectively: Methodology / Research / Analyses.
  • Publish Consultation Documents and market development reports.
  • Recommend way forward based on outcomes of analyses.
  • Provide robust justification on recommendations.

Qualifications / Skills Required

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics;
  • Solid analytical and report writing skills;
  • Excellent command of verbal and written English and knowledge of Maltese language;
  • Project management skills;
  • Proficient use of office automation tools, Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint;
  • Ability to lead and/or participate as a member of a team.
MCA Reference: 
Jobsplus permit number 652/2022
Vacancy Status: 
Public Call
Vacancy Closing Date: 
Friday 5th January 2024