Calls Open For New Funding Opportunities in Next Generation Internet

As the designated National Contact Point for the H2020 Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, the MCA is pleased to announce the launch of four new Open Calls under the NGI. The calls provide a great opportunity for funding cutting-edge Research and Innovation in NGI technologies.

NGI’s four new open calls offer support to talents from academic research groups, high-tech start-ups and SMEs working on building a better Internet. The topics covered in the NGI Open Calls include Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies, Decentralised Data Governance and Next Generation Search & Discovery. The calls offer funding based on short research cycles, targeting the most promising ideas.

The four new NGI Open Calls are:

NGI Trust: Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies – funding up to €200,000 for technical innovation in privacy enhancing technologies. More information is at .

LEDGER: Decentralised Technologies – funding up to €200,000 to make of data a common good owned by citizens where the wealth created by data-driven platforms is equally distributed using technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger and peer-to-peer networks. More information is at .

NGI Zero Discovery: Next Generation Search & Discovery – funding of €5,000 – €50,000 for project proposals that will help put powerful new search technology in the hands of future generations. More information is at .

NGI Zero PET: Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies – funding of €5,000 – €50,000 for technologies aimed at providing people with new instruments that allow them more agency – and assist us with fulfilling the human need of keeping some private and confidential context and keeping information private and confidential. More information at .

For more information on currently open calls, please visit