Call for the provision of support for the Online Maltese Dictionary

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is the primary coordinator of the Online Maltese Dictionary. This project has been implemented and is maintained with the continued support of the University of Malta and the National Council for the Maltese Language. This online resource is aimed at enhancing the linguistic information currently available, whilst bridging the digital gap that currently exists with respect to resources supporting the Maltese language. 

In order to maintain the value of such an important resource, it is important that regular technical developments are undertaken to ensure that emerging requirements are met; that language developments are addressed and that current services to end-users continue to be enhanced. On this note, the MCA is hereby inviting interested parties to, financially or in kind, support or sponsor the project’s development.

Further information or clarifications may be obtained via email sent to the following address;

We kindly ask all parties to indicate in writing, their interest and how they can support this project, to the address hereunder, by noon, Friday, 10th March 2017, for evaluation purposes.