The 7th Edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards – A Post Mortem

The 7th edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards was successfully held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on the 28th March 2018. These awards have consistently showcased some of the best solutions that have been developed by locally-based ICT organizations which, amongst other attributes combine creativity, information technology, as well as business or social innovation.  In doing so, such an event has provided a platform for increased visibility for participants and an excellent means to credit the efforts and unique talents demonstrated by all those involved in the rollout of such innovative business initiatives.

Every year, the MCA holds an extensive post mortem analysis of this event to assess the outcome and to gather feedback with the intention to improve subsequent editions. A number of dedicated meetings with various stakeholders are currently being held, and, this year, a focus group comprising experts from the IT industry was set up with the aim of questioning, challenging and injecting new ideas into this project. Indeed, a very fruitful brainstorming session was recently held at the MCA offices and soon, the eBusiness Awards team will take stock of all feedback received and immediately initiate the thinking process towards the 8th edition of these Awards.

Even though feedback is mostly very positive, with every edition the MCA strives to raise the profile of this event. Moreover, it is imperative that the award categories reflect current market realities and thus, these are revised on an annual basis. Taking stock of the feedback received, the MCA will be announcing the categories for the 8th edition in a few months’ time. Indeed, the organisation of the MCA eBusiness Awards involves fine detail planning, all year round!   

The MCA congratulates all winners of the 7th edition and encourages more businesses in the IT sector to vie for the top spot of each category by submitting a nomination in the upcoming edition.