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Published On: Apr 18th 2008 Guidelines

The MCA today published the Regulatory Guidelines for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Enhanced Service Providers, Service Providers and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers.

Published On: Apr 15th 2008 Consultation

This statement of proposed decision is proposing a further 9% reduction in fixed-line wholesale origination and termination rates.  ...

Published On: Apr 11th 2008 Consultation

This review defines the market for wholesale broadband access in Malta, conducts an analysis of the relevant market and sets out the reasoning on the regulatory approach to this market.  ...

Published On: Apr 7th 2008 Individuals Internet and Ecommerce Usage Study

The MCA has commissioned Ernst & Young to carry out its 4th e-Commerce survey aimed at gaining insight of the level of e-Commerce usage across the Maltese Islands and to assess its potential for growth.

Published On: Apr 4th 2008 Consultation

This document [1] discusses the obligations incumbent on Maltapost plc as the Universal Service Provider on three main areas of the universal service: access to services, the guarantee of daily delivery and the publication of information on the universal. [1]

Published On: Apr 3rd 2008 Decision

Following the consultation document on the proposed prices for local wholesalse and retail leased lines that was publised in February 2008, the MCA is today publishing a report on consultation and final decision on these prices.