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Published On: Jun 11th 2006 Decision

This Directive establishes the procedure that the USP must follow when effecting changes in relation to the days and, or times of opening of any post office or changes to the days of delivery and, or of collection of postal article.

Published On: Jun 2nd 2006 Decision

Report on Consultation and Decision - June 2009.

Published On: Mar 24th 2006 Decision

This document specifies charging for numbering portability.

Published On: Feb 3rd 2006 Decision

Identification and Analysis of markets, determination of market power and setting of remedies.  [1]   [1] ...

Published On: Dec 21st 2005 Decision

This report encapsulates the responses elicited during the national consultation period, the MCA's replies and the final position adopted by the Authority. ...

Published On: Dec 6th 2005 Decision

This is a public consultation on draft IRG principles of implementation and best practice (PIBS) regarding the application of retail minus pricing methodologies. ...