Published On: May 7th 2010

The MCA published a set of guidelines to assist undertakings in the implementation of Email Mobility services.

Published On: Aug 7th 2009

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has between the 28th and 30th July 2009 provided technical assistance to officials from the General Telecommunciations Authority (GTA) of Libya, on matters related primarily to spectrum management.  ...

Published On: Apr 3rd 2009

This document specifies those aspects of the freephone number portability ordering process that either involve exchanges between operators or involve actions by one operator that affect other operators or the freephone content provider.

Published On: Dec 9th 2008

Bringing into force of the regulations related to Mobile on board Aircraft (MCA) Services.

Published On: Aug 26th 2008

The MCA is consulting on draft regulations that it intends to propose to the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications for adoption.  ...

Published On: Aug 26th 2008

Electronic Communications (Regulations) Act (Cap 399). This is not an official version of the Laws of Malta and is only provided for reference during the Consultation period.  ...