Published On: Oct 18th 2021

Some news Highlights from the Global Telecommunications and Postal Industries, as well as topical items and trends in Information and Communications Technology.

Published On: Oct 15th 2021

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Oct 14th 2021

An estimated 100 million people in the EU have some form of disability and face numerous daily accessibility challenges. In an ever-increasing digital dependant world, inclusion requires that the Web is made accessible to everyone, and that disability should not impact the basic human right of having equal access t...

Published On: Oct 12th 2021

Directive No. 1 of 2012 entitled on the Obligations related to the administration of the Unified legal Interception System under the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act is being substituted by a new Directive entitled ‘Directive No. 1 of 2021 on the Obligations related to the administration of the Unified legal Interception System’. The only material changes relate to the references to the applicable legislation in the revised Directive subsequent to the coming into force of the new laws transposing the European Electronic Communications Code.

Published On: Aug 27th 2021

On the 29th July 2021, the MCA published a Call for Expression of Interest for the assignment of radio spectrum in the 1800 MHz and 2.5 GHz bands (MCA/O/21-4270) [1]. Malta Limited has expressed its interest in order to obtain access to the rights of use for radio frequencies in these bands. In the circu...

Published On: Aug 17th 2021

Increasing use is being made of qualified electronic signatures (hereafter ‘QES’). This has become even more prevalent with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made digital signing even more pertinent.  A QES is made with a qualified certificate used for identifying the signer. Such a certificate iss...