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Information Notice concerning the installation or use of combined PLB-AIS devices - Notice No. MCA/O/23-5124

Published On: Nov 17th 2023
The purpose of this notice is to inform persons dealing in maritime radiocommunications apparatus and owners of vessels, who have an interest to import or use a combined personal locator beacon and automatic identifica...

National Frequency Plan

Published On: Oct 30th 2023
On the 6th October 2023, the MCA published the latest edition of the frequency allocation plan for Malta - National Frequency Plan, edition 6.4 (MCA/O/18-3129/R.4) which superseded edition 6.3 (MCA/O/18-3129/R.3).  Th...

Spectrum Planning

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Spectrum planning is the process of establishing the spectrum management goals for the future.

Spectrum Monitoring

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The purpose of spectrum monitoring is to support the spectrum management process in general, including frequency assignment and planning functions.

Towards 5G

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5G is more than just a new radio technology; it holds the promise of enabling new communications possibilities and applications. Such opportunities, of which many are still unknown, will eventually lead to a ‘hyper connected society’.

Test & Trial

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The MCA operates a test and trial licensing scheme in support of innovative spectrum uses which aims to exploit Malta’s unique potential as a test-bed.

Radiocommunications Licensing

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European legislation, i.e. the Authorisation Directive (2002/20/EC), and ITU rules, i.e. the Radio Regulations (RR) have established that a form of authorisation is required for radio transmissions.

Radio spectrum for terrestrial...

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Mobile communications including wireless broadband have been playing important roles in the economic and social developments.

Satellite Services

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The development of satellite communication has highlighted the need for managing satellite-related scarce resources, i.e. the satellite spectrum and orbit.

Spectrum for Terrestrial broad...

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In many countries the terrestrial broadcasting platform is the primary means of delivering broadcasting services.