Ensuring universal access to TV channels qualified as meeting general interest objectives - A review of must-carry obligations

Until recently, operators of all commercial TV broadcasts networks have been subjected to must-carry obligations under the relevant provision of the Broadcasting Act which, as a result of the recent amendments, no longer exists.  The recent amendments form part of the realisation of Government’s Policy and Strategy for Digital Broadcasting that meets General Interest Objectives launched in February 2009. 
This consultation paper puts forward MCA’s proposed guidelines when determining which TV broadcast networks would be subjected to must-carry obligations and is carried out against a backdrop of diverse TV broadcast networks and viewing platforms, technology advances in digital TV broadcasting as well as changes to the regulatory scenario.
Operators of TV broadcast networks, as well as interested parties are welcome to submit comments in writing on any of the matters presented in this consultation document. 
The consultation period will run from the 1st September through to the 29th September 2011.  Please refer to Chapter 4 of the consultation paper for further details on how to submit comments.


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Electronic Communications

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Closing Date: 
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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