Event Details : ION Conference and DNSSEC workshop to kick off ISOC Malta Chapter Activities

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ISOC Malta is organising a two-day, ION Conference on the 18-19th September.

The Internet has become a necessity. Many of our activities circle around it, be it for work or for play. The ION conference is an opportunity to learn more about the future of the Internet. Special reference will be given to IPv6. The second day of the program will be a hands-on, DNSSEC training session provided by ICANN.

This is a rare opportunity to hear about case studies in IPv6 roll out from the Finish Regulator and receive practical training (for law enforcement, operators, IT admins) on DNS security directly from ICANN. IPv6 roll out is becoming increasingly important as the demand for IP addresses grows due to more connected, and smart, devices. The conference also offers the opportunity to meet, and network, with national and international experts on technology and security.

Information about the workshop is available on the ISOC website:

Conference Website



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MITA Data Centre
MITA Data Centre
Old Railway Track
Santa Venera
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Tuesday, 19th September 2017
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