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Published On: Mar 22nd 2022

The burgeoning digitisation has set the stage for the future communications, amongst trends such as the rising take-up of faster broadband connections, calls for a safer and more reliable digital environment, and the accelerating pace of eCommerce - just to name a few. For the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), ...

Published On: Feb 17th 2021

The MCA has published the results of a survey carried out in the second half of 2020, in order to determine consumer perceptions with regard to bundle services in Malta.

Published On: Dec 14th 2020

This consultation paper is intended to analyse and identify a minimum set of quality of service parameters to be measured within the electronic communications industry.

Published On: Nov 25th 2020

The MCA is publishing information on the different fault repair timeframes and compensation schemes published by service providers in the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts’. This table is intended to serve as a tool for consumers to seek easily accessible information on the type of redress they should expect to receive when experiencing faults.

Published On: Nov 6th 2020

The MCA is hereby publishing the results of a survey it carried out between Q4 2019 and the begining of Q2 2020, in order to gauge consumer perceptions and satisfaction levels with regard to Pay-Tv services provided in Malta