Test & Trial licensing framework

A comprehensive framework facilitating technology trials on a nationwide basis 

Why Malta?

  • A small island, with big potential
    Malta’s geographic location and population density make it the ideal location for the test or trial of wireless technologies, on a nationwide basis.
  • An enabling environment for any business
    Malta’s political and economic stability has laid fertile ground for business growth and development.  This coupled with a strong and resilient ICT infrastructure make Malta the ideal location to test and trial wireless technologies.
  • A multi-cultural nation
    Malta offers a multi-lingual, multi-skilled labour force, with an excellent work ethic, demonstrating flexibility and resiliency making it the ideal location for carrying out pilot studies on the use of wireless technologies.
Why choose MCA's framework for your tests and trials:
  • Spectrum availability
    The availability of spectrum in bands which are generally in high demand makes Malta a microcosm that offers the potential for undertaking tests and trials on wireless technology and its uses on a nationwide basis with minor investment.
  • A flexible test & trial licensing regime
    A unique opportunity to test and/or trial radio equipment or any type of wireless technology, including 5G and IoT, on a nationwide basis.
  • Cost-effective framework
    The flexible licensing regime coupled with low licence fees allows interested parties to test and trial wireless technologies with minimum investment.
  • Test and trial wireless technologies with ease
    Applications for pilot studies are processed in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

Download The licensing framework (MCA Decision)
Download Promotional Brochure on Malta's Value Proposition
Download List of issued Test & Trial licences