Published On: Feb 7th 2019 Monthly Pricing Developments

The MCA is committed to monitor developments in the electronic communication markets and inform the general public on the main changes that are taking place.

Published On: Feb 5th 2019 News

The MCA is inviting experts to form part of a Think Tank to discuss how 5G connectivity will shape the future through its use and applications in the enterprise environment and the public sector.

Published On: Dec 28th 2018 Decision

The MCA is hereby presenting its assessment and decision on GO's zero-rated offers named "“GO Music WildCard”, “GO TVAnywhere” and “GO TVAnywhere Lite” in view of the Net Neutrality Regulation.

Published On: Dec 21st 2018 News

As part of its ongoing effort in the field of cloud computing and its promotion, the MCA carried out a market study of the current situation on the use of cloud computing amongst business organisations in Malta.

Published On: Dec 19th 2018 News

The MCA is hereby presenting its final decision on the markets for wholesale voice call termination on individual public telephone networks provided at a fixed location in Malta, in accordance with the EU regulatory framework of electronic communications networks and services.  The MCA notified the current decisio...

Published On: Dec 19th 2018 News

The Malta Communications Authority (‘MCA’) is hereby publishing the final decision document concerning the wholesale markets for the provision of voice call termination services on individual mobile networks in Malta. The MCA notified the current decision to the EU Commission prior to today’s publication. The...