Pricing of postal redirection services provided - Consultation and Proposed Decision May 2012

The MCA has today published a consultation on the pricing of postal redirection services.  The postal redirection service allows an addressee who has moved to a new address to continue receiving mail, bearing the previous address, for a period of time.  MaltaPost plc, as the designated Universal Service Provider, is required to provide redirection services as part of its universal service obligation. 

At present, MaltaPost charges for new redirection requests and the extension of existing redirections according to the following annual tariff structure: 
o Inland Mail / Outbound Cross Border Mail:
   • € 4.66 for normal redirections; 
   • € 23.29 when the redirection is to a Post Office Box/Branch.
MaltaPost has submitted a proposal for the MCA’s consideration of the following revised tariff structure for postal redirection services:
o General mail addressed to local addresses:
  o Individuals, NGOs, Not-for-Profit Organisations-
    • Free for the first 6 months;
    • €5 for the second 6 months.
  o Businesses and other Entities-
    • €10 for the first 12 months.
MaltaPost has also proposed that the company enjoys freedom to price and operate all other redirection requests.
The primary aim of the MCA with regard to the regulation of the postal sector is to safeguard the provision of an efficient, affordable, and high quality universal postal service on a sustainable basis. 
This Consultation and Proposed Decision gives further details of the changes to the pricing of postal redirection services, the MCA’s assessment thereof and the MCA’s proposed decision.  The MCA invites comments from interested parties regarding the proposed changes.
The consultation period will run until 1200 hrs on Wednesday, 30th May 2012
Comments entitled with the subject “Consultation on Pricing of Postal Redirections” may be sent by email to
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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