Promoting Malta

The MCA activity also includes initiatives that aim to promote Malta and bolster the local digital business community’s international visibility. This is done by showcasing Malta, internationally, as an ideal base for innovative businesses that leverage ICTs to deliver their business solutions.

To aid the MCA in its activity under this thrust, a number of promotional resources have been developed. For instance, the MCA recently produced five testimonial videos by entrepreneurs involved in innovative communications business. The entrepreneurs explain why they found Malta to be an ideal home for their business, and describe Malta as a place that hits the sweet spot for digital business growth. You can view the testimonials.

Moreover, a promotional brochure on Malta’s value proposition can be downloaded by clicking here. The brochure presents the characteristics that make Malta an attractive place to host and grow digital businesses.

The MCA also actively participates in international conferences related to tech entrepreneurship and communications. In November 2016, the MCA promoted the Maltese tech scene at Web Summit 2016, jointly with Trade Malta and MIMCOL.