November 2017: Highlights and Activities

International Meetings attended by MCA representatives

Slush 2017 Conference
An MCA official attended Slush 2017, which took place between 30th November and 1st December 2017. Slush is a tech conference and networking event attracting 17,500 delegates interested in technology disruption, innovation and startups. The conference featured keynotes and discussion panels involving business leaders in the technology space, including founders from established digital businesses such as Supercell, Zynga, Misfit, and Delivery Hero. Several startups also exhibited their solutions at Slush, with most being in the gaming, AR/VR, and HealthTech sectors.

13th ERGP Plenary / Contact Network Meeting
The Heads of the National Regulatory Authorities regulating postal services met between 30th November and 1st December 2017 in Bonn, Germany, to discuss postal matters and adopt a number of documents during the second European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) Plenary meeting. Amongst others, the Work Programme for 2018 was approved.
The group also elected the chairman of the Portuguese regulatory authority ANACOM, Mr João António Cadete de Matos to chair the meetings of the group during 2019. During 2018, Mr Cadete de Matos and the current chair Mr Angelo Cardani of the Italian regulator AGCOM will serve as vice-Chairs to support the incoming chair Mr Jack Hamande of the Belgian regulator BIPT.

Third Meeting of the COCOM Working Group 5G
An official represented the MCA at the 3rd Meeting of the COCOM Working Group 5G which was held on the 30th of November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.  During this meeting, Member States’ representatives, European Commission and other key stakeholders exchanged views on Denser Cell Deployment, 5G Trials and public use cases.

15th Electronic Communications Committee Working Group Numbering and Networks Meeting
A representative of the MCA participated in this meeting which was held between the 21st and 23rd November 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.  During this meeting, participants were provided with information on the work related to current and future numbering issues which was carried out during the past six months by the four project teams reporting to this working group.  The meeting participants also discussed various work item proposals which would be the focus of these project teams during the coming months.  A status update was provided on  the positions taken by various stakeholders in particular on numbering and number portability related matters as proposed in the European Electronic Communications Code published in September 2016.  The meeting participants were also provided with an overview of work activities being carried out within ITU-T Study Group 2 and ETSI in areas which are of relevance to this working group.

Launch Event of the Broadband Competence Office
MCA attended the launch of the European Network of Broadband Competence Office in Brussels, Belgium on the 20th November 2017. The role of the European Network of Broadband Competence Offices (BCO) is to provide technical support to representatives of local and regional authorities on ways to effectively invest in and rollout broadband projects. The MCA holds the representation of the local Broadband Competence Office in Malta.

44th Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) Meeting
The MCA attended the 44th Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) on the 21st November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The RSPG is a high-level advisory group that assists the European Commission in the development of radio spectrum policy as well as providing its advice to the Commission at a strategic level on specific radio spectrum policy issues relating to electronic communications. During the 44th RSPG plenary meeting, the participating members considered and agreed on a number of deliverables relating to the policy aspects of certain electronic communications services.  In particular, the meeting  adopted the RSPG final Opinions on 5G and  PMSE, as well as on the 2018 work programme.  The meeting also discussed briefly the key agenda items of WRC-19, and the 700 MHz band including the harmful interference issues caused by Italy to its neighbouring countries.  The meeting also took into consideration the progress report of the working group on the DSM (spectrum related provisions) and the report on mobile coverage in challenge areas.

Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) 700MHz Workshop
MCA officials participated in a workshop that treated the assignment of the 700 MHz band in a number of European countries on the 20th November in Brussels, Belgium. The outcomes from this workshop provided the MCA with an overview on the activities carried out by some other Member States that have already made available  the 700 MHz band for wireless broadband electronic communications services.

46th Plenary Meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)
The Authority participated in the 46th plenary meeting of the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), which was held in Bucharest, Romania between the 14th and 17th November 2017. During the meeting, the Committee has, amongst other things, approved a number of ECC deliverables for publication and approved draft ECC deliverables for public consultation. The Committee has also analysed, and where necessary, gave direction to the respective working groups and project teams on the studies being undertaken.

NRA Training Programme on Regulatory Framework and other BEREC Activities
An MCA representative participated in the BEREC NRA training on the 14th and 15th November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. This course is divided into four sessions with the first training session held this November. The BEREC NRA training programme provided training on the regulatory framework and other issues related to BEREC activities.

Consumer Protection Conference
An official represented the MCA during a two day training seminar organised by Cullen International in Brussels on the 14th and 15th November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The training focused on consumer protection in the telecoms sector. The seminar covered topics regarding net neutrality, switching and portability, quality of service measures, implementation of roaming and e-privacy among other subjects. It also provided insight into the most relevant horizontal consumer protection rules applying in the electronic communications sector.

50th Meeting of the Administrative Board of the European GNSS Agency
The MCA participated in the 50th meeting of the Administrative Board of the European GNSS Agency which was held on the 14th November 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Administrative Board reviewed financial and organisation aspects of GSA. It also exchanged views on Market Development and uptake.

24th Meeting of the Communications Committee Working Group on the Implementation of the Framework for Pan-European Systems Providing Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)
An MCA representative attended the 24th Meeting of the COCOM Working Group on the Implementation of the Framework for Pan-European Systems Providing Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) which was held on the 13th of November 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. During the meeting delegations discussed issues concerning the Authorisation and Enforcement aspects of the provision of MSS by the selected operators.

PO - EU Market Postal Statistics - Training on Data Collection on Postal Statistics
An MCA official attended a yearly short training session provided by Eurostat on Data Collection on Postal Statistics between 13th and 15th November in Valencia, Spain. These training sessions are made available to all EU member states as a general guidance on how data is collected across all the EU members and how this can be ameliorated or harmonised in order to have better statistical data across the board.

Cambridge Radio Frequency System Demo Meeting
Representatives of the Authority participated in a demonstration session held between the 7th and 8th November 2017 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, on a specific radio monitoring solution.  This session allowed the Authority to get a better insight on the potential of this solution. 

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MCA Events

The MCA holds the first edition of the Malta Cloud Forum

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), with the support of two of the most renowned Cloud Computing Providers - Microsoft and Google, and the members of the Malta Cloud Forum, today hosted its first national cloud computing event, entitled Malta Cloud Forum 2017. The aim of the event was to spread awareness on the benefits brought about by cloud computing solutions amongst business organisations, especially SMEs and Micro Enterprises.

The Malta Cloud Forum, established in 2016, is a multi-stakeholder forum of parties interested in the cloud computing eco-system, comprising representatives from consulting companies, civil society, government and academia. The Forum is chaired by the MCA. Its objective is to meet quarterly to discuss cloud computing uptake in Malta, and pave the Authority’s way in terms of spreading cloud computing awareness, educating, increasing uptake amongst business organisations, and taking down the barriers that block SMEs and Micros from progressing onto the cloud. Thus, the forum aspires to create an innovative local culture that supports, embraces, and benefits from cloud computing. The Malta Cloud Forum believes that cloud computing allows organisations to compete and innovate in an ever-changing market via large scale resource optimization and sharing.

Today’s event was one of the deliverables of the Malta Cloud Forum. The event delved into a number of topics related to the cloud, with special emphasis on the local scene. Presentations were delivered by Microsoft and Google, which focused on the way cloud computing can help business organisations transform the way they operate into a more agile and efficient way. They outlined some of the major business benefits brought about by transitioning to the cloud, namely: access to enterprise software solutions; more agility in service provisioning; and a more cost efficient IT procurement model.A fireside chat by MITA delved into the Government’s move of its services to the cloud; the benefits this generates for both Government and citizens; the targets that MITA aims to achieve by this move; and how this can be applied to SMEs.
Representatives from the eSkills Foundation shared their insights on the national skills gap on cloud computing. Finally, the event also included a panel discussion comprising local business organisations that have transitioned onto the cloud, and other legal and academic experts.

The Malta Cloud Forum is also tasked with conducting regular studies on the adoption of the cloud model by local businesses, as well as the challenges that arise from its implementation. In this respect, the MCA, on behalf of the Malta Cloud Forum, has just conducted a survey on the local cloud computing landscape, for which findings are to be published later on. Furthermore, the MCA proudly announces the launch of an eLearning portal, serving as a mini toolkit for those who want to further their knowledge about the cloud or those who are at the beginning of their cloud transition journey, and wish to establish a more solid background on the topic. This was kindly provided to the MCA by Cloud Academy, and is now accessible on
The MCA would like to extend its appreciation to the members of the Malta Cloud Forum, as well as those who supported this event.

Budding Rockstars 2017 - Malta's brightest youths turn tech entrepreneurs for a day

The 2017 edition of Budding Rockstars, was held today at the Hilton Malta Hotel, St. Julian’s. The event was attended by 150 Form 5 students and more than 50 educators hailing from 40 schools in Malta and Gozo.
Budding Rockstars is an innovation event by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA), forming part of a wider set of activity undertaken by the Authority, aimed at exposing young persons to technology entrepreneurship. The event targeted the highest academic achievers from across all public, church and private schools in Malta and Gozo.

The event provided students with an opportunity to interact with emerging and established tech entrepreneurs and to gain valuable insights on the key characteristics of entrepreneurship. Moreover, participants were encouraged to learn about and consider tech entrepreneurship as a career path.
Various speakers shared their story with the attendees. Erik Bergman spoke about the emotional journey of co-founding Catena Media, a company nowadays valued at €500 million. In a frank discussion, Dr Angelo Dalli, serial entrepreneur, Keith Fenech from Revulytics, and Peter Grech, CEO and co-founder at BRND WGN, discussed their experience of starting up and growing a successful venture. Despite the different trajectories in their entrepreneurial venture, all agreed that perseverance plays a key part in success. Rachel Cachia and Martina Zammit, co-founders at V Squared Media, noted how strong teamwork is essential in any entrepreneurial adventure. Mark Brooks, CEO at Courtland Brooks, stressed the importance of building one’s network, and how having strong connections is critical to the entrepreneur’s success.

Other speaking contributions were made by the students from Flair and Intact, winners of the JAYE Company and Start Up Programme respectively. Both teams recounted their successful Junior Achievement Young Enterprise experience and encouraged the attendees to learn entrepreneurship hands-on. In another contribution, Zach Ciappara, spoke about his experience launching FreeHour, a MITA-backed startup providing an app that helps student connect with each other on campus during their free time.
Throughout a hands-on workshop, coordinated by the Edward de Bono Institute, students were exposed to creativity and innovation techniques aimed at facilitating idea generation in a business context. Students worked in groups to develop novel business concepts that applied ICTs and addressed a problem. Ideas were afterwards exhibited, voted upon and the teams with the best three ideas were invited to pitch on stage in the final phase of Budding Rockstars.

Visiting the event and meeting students working on their ideas, the Hon. Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, stressed that both parents and educators must instil in the young generation, a culture in which those who fail will get up and try again. The Hon. Schembri remarked that the young generation must be encouraged to risk and convert their thoughts and imagination into commercial ideas. Finally, he stressed that more efforts are required to further nurture the idea of setting up a start-up amongst the young ones.
In a video message, the Hon. Minister for Education, Evarist Bartolo, encouraged the young audience to stop fearing failure, dream big and pursue adventure, whilst accepting that hard work lies ahead of any success. Other messages to the students were sent by the MEPs Hon. Dr Miriam Dalli, Hon. Roberta Metsola and Hon. Marlene Mizzi. The MEPs called for further entrepreneurship whilst each reserved specific words of encouragement for more ambition amongst girls. In view of the low participation of women in tech, girls were encouraged to step forward and aspire to become leaders of tomorrow’s digital scene.

Judging for the final ‘pitch competition’ was handled by Dr Leonie Baldacchino, University of Malta; Jarek Bialek, Startup Weekend Malta; Alex Borg from MITA Innovation Hub, and Julian Azzopardi from Junior Achievement Young Enterprise. The judges noted how the business idea is very important, but it is ultimately the execution that matters the most. Whereas a strong idea could help the business to grow quickly in the early stages, it takes a strong team to sustain such growth and secure the business long-term.
Dr Edward Woods, Chairman at MCA, thanked all speakers, partners and educators for making the event yet another success. Whilst highlighting the Authority’s efforts in digital skills, he stressed the importance of inculcating from a young age a mindset that defies the status quo and that seeks new opportunities through technological innovation.

Budding Rockstars was organised by the MCA in collaboration with the Edward de Bono Institute and the Directorate for Educational Services. The event was supported by the Secretariat for Catholic Education, Junior Achievement Young Enterprise, the BeSmartOnline campaign, and ZEST Malta.
The MCA has set up a Facebook page for Budding Rockstars to serve as a platform for further engagement.

4th BEREC Contact Network Meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel

The MCA hosted the 4th BEREC Contact Network meeting on 16th and 17th November 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julians.  The objective of the meeting was to prepare for the 33rd BEREC Plenary meeting of the Board of Regulators and the BEREC Office Management Committee, which takes place in Copenhagen on the 7th and 8th December 2017.

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Media participation by MCA


30.11.17              ‘Fuq Net' – Net TV
                             (Redress - Matthew Farrugia)

29.11.17              ‘Kalamita' – One TV
                             (The Complexity of the Internet Physical Structure - Yanika Cassar)

23.11.17              ‘Twelveto3' – TVM
                             (Net Neutrality - Yanica Cassar)

23.11.17              ‘Fuq Net' – Net TV
                             (Maximising your internet user experience - Yanika Cassar)

22.11.17              ‘Kalamita' – One TV
                             (Net Neutrality - Yanica Cassar)

16.11.17              ‘Fuq Net' – Net TV
                             (Net Neutrality - Yanika Cassar)

15.11.17              ‘Kalamita' – One TV
                             (Factors to consider before choosing an internet package - Yanika Cassar)

09.11.17              ‘Fuq Net' – Net TV
                             (Factors to consider before choosing an internet package - Yanika Cassar)

02.11.17              ‘Twelveto3' – TVM
                             (The complexity of the internet physical structure & factors to consider before choosing an internet package - Yanika Cassar)

02.11.17              ‘Fuq Net' – Net TV
                             (The complexity of the internet physical structure - Yanika Cassar)

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Legal Updates

Pending lawsuits

  • 30th November: Vodafone Malta Ltd vs MCA pending before Administrative Review Tribunal - contestation of regulatory decision of 2014 on MTRs before the Administrative Review Tribunal. Case adjourned for judgement on the 11th January 2018
  • 20th November: GO plc vs MCA - Court of Appeal - contestation by GO of a judgement given by Administrative Review Tribunal re market for regulatory decision - Case adjourned for judgement on the 10th April 2018
  • 16th November: Elmo Insurance vs John Fenech et - Arbitration hearing re traffic accident involving MCA's van - adjourned for continuation on the 15th March 2018
  • 8th November: Vodafone Malta Ltd et vs Malta Communications Authority et - Court First Hall - adjourned for judgement on the 9th January 2018
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International News


EurActiv               Commission asks citizens how to tax digital global firms
The European Union is asking its citizens to help decide on a fairer tax regime for large digital corporations that may include a tax on their global profits [read more].

Cullen International       EU Court publishes summary of Google’s appeal against the European Commission Google Shopping decision
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has published a summary of the appeal lodged by Google and its parent company Alphabet against the European Commission’s June 2017 decision fining the company a record €2.42bn [read more – subscription required].

Ofcom  Automatic compensation for broadband and landline users
Broadband and landline customers will get money back from their providers when things go wrong, without having to claim it, following an Ofcom review [read more].

Cullen International       ARCEP to impose an asymmetric passive fibre access obligation on Orange
French regulator ARCEP wants Orange to offer a passive fibre access service, enabling a new player to develop specific active wholesale offers targeting business needs. It also proposes to facilitate access to Orange’s ducts to accelerate deployments by alternative network operators (ANOs). Orange is currently the leading operator in France for fibre deployments (70% of all connected houses) and take-up [read more – subscription required].

Cullen International       France sets rules for online platforms and consumer reviews on transparency, accuracy and fairness of information
New rules detailing the information obligations of online platforms and consumer review websites will enter into force on January 1, 2018 in France [read more – subscription required].

Cullen International       EU agrees rules prohibiting geo-blocking, but copyright-protected content is excluded
Representatives of the European Parliament and of the Council reached on November 21, 2017 a provisional agreement on the proposed Geo-blocking Regulation [read more – subscription required].

Cullen International       Digital contracts – Analysis of amendments in European Parliament
On November 21, 2017 the European Parliament lead Internal Market and Consumer Protection and Legal Affairs committees (the Parliament) adopted by an overwhelming majority (55 votes to six, with no abstentions) their report on the proposed directive on contracts for the supply of digital content [read more – subscription required].

European Council            EU to beef up cybersecurity
The General Affairs Council has adopted conclusions calling for the strengthening of European cybersecurity and enhancing cyber resilience across the EU, in line with the tasking from the European Council in October 2017 [read more – subscription required].

Total Telecom   Ofcom launches new dark fibre consultation
Ofcom has launched a fresh attempt to force BT to offer dark fibre access (DFA) [read more].

Total Telecom   UK gov’t pledges additional £500m towards 5G, fibre and AI
The UK government has committed an additional £500 million to boost the country's broadband connectivity [read more].

Advanced Television     FCC proposes ‘Open Internet’ policy reversal
As trailed earlier in 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has circulated a draft ‘Restoring Internet Freedom Order’ to his fellow Commissioners, which will be voted on at the FCC’s Open Meeting on December 14th, suggesting it will restore Internet freedom and eliminate heavy-handed sector regulation, effectively reversing predecessor Tom Wheeler’s ‘Open Internet’ policy designed to ensure net neutrality [read more].

Cullen International       Geo-blocking – Analysis of final text of Regulation
The Regulation, directly applicable to companies, will possibly enter into application in 4Q 2018. The Regulation prohibits online traders from discriminating between customers within the EU based on their country of residence or nationality (e.g. by applying higher prices). The Regulation will not apply to electronic communications and audio-visual services [read more – subscription required].

European Council            Digital Single Gateway: Council agrees to make access to information and services easier
On 2 May 2017, the Commission presented its proposal to develop the single digital gateway [read more].

European Council            Consumer protection in the digital age: Council adopts regulation to strengthen EU-wide cooperation
On 25 May 2016, the Commission presented the proposal to modernise consumer protection cooperation as part of a broader package including proposals on cross-border parcel deliveries and on tackling unjustified geo-blocking [read more].

European Commission  New study on eGovernment services – Europe is improving in cross–border availability of services
The latest eGovernment benchmark report shows significant improvement on cross-border availability of digital public services and accessibility of public websites from mobile devices in EU Member states. The study also indicates a need for improvement in transparency of public services delivery and use of supporting technology like eIDs or eDocuments [read more].

Ofcom                  Consultation: Wholesale Local Access Market Review - Promoting network competition in superfast and ultrafast broadband
On 31 March 2017, Ofcom published its proposals for the regulation of the Wholesale Local Access (WLA) market, which is used to provide telephone and broadband internet services (including superfast broadband) to residential and business consumers [read more].


Policy Tracker    Spectrum sharing won’t happen without strong regulatory push
The "project of increasing the effectiveness of our use of spectrum by sharing is still not so much in the foothills, but with the foothills still in fairly distant view," Martin Cave and William Webb said in a paper published this month [read more – subscription required].

Policy Tracker    Satellite industry regrets UK regulator’s 3.6-3.8GHz decisions
The Europe, Middle East and Africa Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) has said it is a shame the UK has not followed the example of other European countries in its 3.6-3.8GHz plans [read more – subscription required].

Total Telecom   Switzerland schedules 5G spectrum sale for 2018
Switzerland plans to allocate spectrum earmarked for 5G mobile services next year [read more].

Policy Tracker    UK broadcast group calls for an end to “salami slicing” of UHF in Europe
Digital UK has launched what it says is an “unashamedly ambitious” plan for the UHF band in the UK and Europe [read more – subscription required].

Policy Tracker    New documentary highlights film star’s WWII spectrum invention
As a documentary about Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr premieres in London, PolicyTracker takes a look at her work on spread spectrum. This helped to pave the way for frequency hopping, and ultimately, technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi [read more – subscription required].

Policy Tracker    UK government commits £5 million to 2018 5G trial
The UK government has set aside £5 million (€5.6 million) for a 5G trial in 2018, as well as a further £160 million (€180 million) for “new 5G networks” and close to £1 billion (€1.1 billion) over the next five years on the more generally-termed “fibre and 5G”. It will also commit £10 million (€11 million) to security tests around 5G through the National Cyber Security Centre [read more – subscription required].

Ofcom  Statement: Improving access to 5.8 GHz spectrum for broadband fixed wireless access
This document sets out Ofcom’s decision to remove a restriction on Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) use in part of the 5.8GHz band [read more].

INTERNET  Vodafone has a surprisingly good go at tariff innovation
UK operator Vodafone has come up with a couple of new tariff ideas that, for once, look like they actually add some value to the consumer [read more].

Total Telecom   3UK preps for 60GB monthly mobile data consumption by 2025
3UK expects monthly mobile data consumption on its network to reach 60GB by 2025, the operator's chief technology officer, Bryn Jones has said [read more].

EurActiv               Gabriel leading Commission effort against fake news ‘disease’
Fake news is a disease that European society needs to be “vaccinated” against, the EU’s Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said as she opened a call for public comments on how the EU should respond to the spread of false information on internet platforms [read more].

Total Telecom   UK changes advertising rules on broadband speeds
The UK's advertising watchdog is cracking down on the way broadband providers advertise the speed of their services [read more].

Advanced Television     Netflix, Deutsche Telekom international partnership
Netflix and Deutsche Telekom have announced an international partnership enabling all Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries to benefit from Deutsche Telekom’s partnership with Netflix [read more].

Ofcom  Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2017
This report examines children’s media literacy. It provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4 [read more].


eCommerce News          Only half of retailers offer express delivery option
New research has revealed that on average, only half of retailers in Europe offer an express delivery option, while just 6 percent offer same day delivery. It’s the United Kingdom that leads the way in terms of delivery options available to customers. With an average of 4.4 options it’s way ahead of the European average of 2.7 options [read more].

Post & Parcel     “Removal of the VAT de Minimis on E-Commerce items will cost the delivery industry €1bn more”
A new study by Copenhagen Economics has indicated that the removal of the VAT de Minimis exemption on e-commerce items will create significant additional processing costs for the delivery industry and also a disproportionate administrative burden for national customs and tax administration and e-sellers [read more].

Posti      Posti’s Growth Comes from Parcels and Logistics: “We have reached a historical turning point”
Posti has verified its new strategy for proceeding with powerful renewal measures and enhancing the customer experience. The greatest opportunity for growth is in e-commerce that is growing in Finland and around the world. Next year, Posti will open 1,000 new parcel lockers and develop the digital tracking of letters [read more].

Cullen International       French regulator gives La Poste more pricing flexibility to cope with falling volumes
ARCEP and La Poste have agreed on a new pricing framework for 2019-2022. ARCEP has decided to cap the annual increase in prices for universal postal services at a nominal rate of 5% [read more – subscription required [read more – subscription required].

Cullen International       Belgian regulator rejects the proposed new price cap mechanism included in the draft postal bill
The national postal regulator, BIPT, has expressed concerns in relation to the draft postal law, in particular the proposed application of a price cap formula which would mean that new tariffs would be automatically considered as affordable and cost-orientated. BIPT's opinion was released at the end of October 2017 [read more – subscription required].

Internet Retailing            Buying choices down to delivery options for more than half of shoppers: study
More than half of shoppers (54%) say they base their shopping choices on what the delivery options are, a new study suggests [read more].

Post & Parcel     Ofcom report: Parcel revenues and volumes are up, but price competition is increasing
Ofcom’s latest annual monitoring update shows that the UK parcels market is continuing to grow, but average revenues per unit are declining as the competition between carriers has driven prices down [read more].

Post & Parcel     €30m state funding for An Post
The Irish Government has approved €30m state funding for An Post to help sustain the post office network and maintain a five-day postal delivery service and expand to a six-day parcel service [read more].

Cullen International       Addressing consumer concerns and needs – regulation or competition?
A postal workshop debated whether competition could be effective in resolving parcel delivery problems where consumers generally did not make complaints and where consumers were not clear of their rights [read more – subscription required].

Post & Parcel     Le Group La Poste mulling plans for Parisian parcel micro-hubs
Le Groupe La Poste has announced that it is considering plans to set up 80 “micro-hubs” in the city of Paris that could be used to manage environmentally-friendly, round-the-clock parcel deliveries [read more].

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