Training to Staff within the Hospitality Industry

The MCA, together with the eSkills Malta Foundation, Data Protection Commissioner and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, (MHRA), organised a basic ICT course targeting people working within the hospitality sector. The aim of this course was to help employees build and strengthen their digital skills, which are essential in today’s digital world.

Digital skills are essential both from a personal and from a business perspective. For the individual, having strong digital skills will enable active participation in the digital economy; contribute to a better quality of life and also, to better communication. It will also improve the individual’s employment prospects, mobility and opportunities. On the business side, having employees in possession of the necessary digital skills increases overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

This tailor-made training programme touched upon various subjects, and addressed current technology and its various applications, from standard computer programmes, to social networking and issues related to data protection, all applied within the context of the hospitality industry.