Online Maltese Dictionary

The online Maltese dictionary originated from the collation of a singular, plural or collective number of existing lexical resources for Maltese, some of which were available online, while others were developed as a result of research projects by academics and post-graduate students.

The online version of the dictionary is one of the outcomes of the Maltese Language Resource Server (MLRS) project, a long term initiative by the Institute of Linguistics and the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems at the University of Malta (UOM). The electronic version of the dictionary was initially developed by John J. Camilleri and subsequently fine-tuned and edited by the MLRS team. The dictionary was further developed and made public as a result of a strong collaboration between the Malta Communications Authority, the Institute of Linguistics, the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems within the University of Malta, and also the Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ilsien Malti, which mediated the collaboration agreement.

The Maltese dictionary also benefitted from funds received from the Vodafone Malta Foundation, under the program ‘Mobile for Good’. The development of the site was co-sponsored by Aqubix.

The online Maltese Dictionary is also available in a mobile friendly version and as a download application from Google Play, which allow use of this service anytime, anyplace. Users have the opportunity and are encouraged to suggest any word addition or input their feedback online, which is then reviewed by the UOM.

The dictionary is continuously being updated based on the philosophy that ‘no dictionary of a living language is ever complete’.

The online Maltese dictionary is available on