Free WiFi Hotspots

The MCA, in collaboration with other entities manages a number of free WiFi spots across Malta and Gozo. The project is intended to promote the usage of Internet by means of portable devices.

The WiFi project involves the setting up of free Wifi Internet points at locations frequented by the community. The project is intended to promote the usage of Internet by means of portable devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones away from home or the office desk.

The WiFi points enable visitors of these public places to connect to the Internet at any time of the day. All the Internet points are filtered against inappropriate and unlawful content so as to offer a safer internet environment particularly for minors.

ICT technologies today are no longer simply an amusement machine but rather an indispensable tool for communication, work and learning. 

The MCA Malta Free WiFi

 The "MCA Malta Free WiFi" provides a map showing all the available WiFi hotspots spread across the Maltese islands. Other features of the application icludes:

  • Nearby - if the user's location is available (via GPS), this view displays the nearest hotspots to the current location including real-time updates of the distance and direction to each hotspot. If the location is not available, all hotspots are displayed in a list.
  • Map View - this view displays all WiFi hotspots as markers on a Google map. The current location, if available, will be displayed as a blue dot. Further information may be obtained by tapping on the relative marker for the hotspot.
  • Fault Reporting - integrated with the application, users can report any faults via email.
  • Updatability - updates are carried out automatically in the background, and users may also trigger a check for updates at any time.

Android and iPhone application are now available for download.The application is aimed at making it simpler to locate the over 400 free WiFi hotspots that are installed across the Maltese islands. The application also shows the closest hotspot in relation to the user current location. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple Store