The concept of the DIGINV (DIGigital INVasions for the Promotion of Cultural Heritage) project is to valorize cultural interest and practices by engaging citizens, cultural institutions and using technology as a catalyst. In the end, citizens engage and experience culture in a new way.

The project aims to improve the digital and communication skills of cultural operators, helping them become promoters to and engage citizens in the valorization of cultural heritage. It also works to improve the digital skills of citizens involved (from the youngest to the elderly) by using new technologies to promote and valorize a cultural point of interest. This shall on one hand lead to participants learning the fundamental concepts in the field of digital communication, reducing the lack of digital skills among the participants, and on the other hand the operators and partner organizations will have new tools for community involvement in enhancing cultural heritage, as well as the consolidation of the dialogue with the local authorities. This dialogue, will enhace a common line of action at European level that will be identified for the involvement of citizens in the promotion of cultural heritage.

Project website: https://www.digitalinvasions.eu/