Crucial Crowdfunding Made Easy

'Crucial Crowdfunding' is an ERASMUS+ supported project, and is designed as an information platform for a wide stakeholder base ranging from entrepreneurs and SMEs to startups and social enterprises or even those individuals seeking investment opportunities. Furthermore, support agencies such as Innovation Centres, cluster managers and organizations, both public and private, looking to support business and economic development, whether its local, regional or national, will be able to learn more about how to use and promote crowdfunding. 

Providing access to affordable finane and facilitating funding to young and innovative firms, does not only provide the necessary opportunities to creative minds and businesses, but is central to economic growth and job creation. Crowdfunding is primarily driven by the proliferation of social media, the Internet and new technologies, and these are disrupting the entire value chains and changing the rules of the marketplace. This is precisely the type of disruption that we want to create. We want out businesses to capitalise on the infrastructure, on the technology and all that this bring with it.

While the concept of crowdfunfing seems straighforward, anytime a start-up company is raising capital from investors, it becomes a very complex endeavour. This is why a consortium comprising representatives from seven organisations from Malta, Ireland, Spain, Estonia, Greece, United Kingdom and Czech Republic launched the Crucial Crowdfunding portal This project is another step forward toward the European Commission range of facilitative actions to improve SME's access to finance and accelerate awareness-raising on crowdfunding platforms. 

The project partners are Mullinar Employment Action Group from Ireland, Youth in Science and Business Foundation from Estonia, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece, RLN from UK, GLAFKA from Czech Republic, DRAMBLYS (Social Creativity Lab) from Spain and the MCA.

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