eCommerce News

Maltese retailers can now sell their products on Amazon
Published On: Apr 13th 2016
The Malta Communications Authority is pleased to announce that following discussions with Amazon, Maltese individuals and businesses can now sell their products on the Amazon websites.  Sellers with Amazon have several advantages, such as joining a network of over 2 million active sellers generating billions of re...
Cloud Computing Guidelines for SMEs and Microenterprises
Published On: Apr 5th 2016
A Guide to Cloud Computing for SMEs and microenterprises’ eBook was launched this morning by the Hon Josè Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth during a conference jointly organised by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA). ...
The MCA and GRTU launch tools to facilitate the advancement of Maltese SMEs in the digital world
Published On: Dec 23rd 2015
  The Malta Communications Authority and GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs launched a number of tailored tools that will proactively increase the number of businesses in Malta that have an online presence and are able to compete online during a press conference held on yesterday Tuesday 22nd December at the GRTU premises...
Tourism and Hospitality Sector to Benefit from Free Digital Training
Published On: Jun 16th 2015
Rapid technological advancements are driving people to shift away from traditional sources of information and more towards different channels, such as websites and social media to search and book for travel and leisure activities. Such channels are easily accessible in today’s digital age where the use of smartph...
SMEs benefit from information sessions on Internet Marketing
Published On: May 7th 2015
As part of its remit to facilitate the promotion of ICT applications in business operations, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is currently leading an initiative aimed at addressing potential misconceptions on the use of Internet marketing and highlight how effective this can be in bringing in new business l...
The MCA collaborates with the Malta Bankers' Association and leading banks to provide Free Information Sessions on the use of Internet Banking
Published On: Apr 25th 2015
The finance and banking sector is one of the few sectors that have really capitalised on and evolved as a result of the full adoption of ICT applications. It is a clear example of how ICT is not only synonymous with the communications sector itself, but is critical for the sustainability and development of other se...