eCommerce News

Guidelines on Platform to Business Regulation
Published On: Nov 3rd 2021
.... Guidelines further to publication of the Online Intermediation Services for Business Users (Enforcement Measures) Regulations, 2021 (hereafter ‘the Regulations’)   *1.What is the purpose of these Regulations* The purpose is twofold: (a) to have in place enforcement tools whereby a business user ...
Public Consultation - Review of the Web Accessibility Directive
Published On: Oct 14th 2021
An estimated 100 million people in the EU have some form of disability and face numerous daily accessibility challenges. In an ever-increasing digital dependant world, inclusion requires that the Web is made accessible to everyone, and that disability should not impact the basic human right of having equal access t...
MCA 2020 Annual Report
Published On: Oct 7th 2021
The MCA has published its 2020 Annual Report, showcasing the work and activity performed by the Authority throughout the year, as well as its Financial Statements.    ...
Press Release - Recognition of Qualified Electronic Signatures (‘QES’)
Published On: Aug 17th 2021
Increasing use is being made of qualified electronic signatures (hereafter ‘QES’). This has become even more prevalent with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic which has made digital signing even more pertinent.  A QES is made with a qualified certificate used for identifying the signer. Such a certificate iss...
Insights into the use of Digital: Internet & eCommerce Use by Business Survey 2021
Published On: Aug 4th 2021
The Internet & eCommerce Use by Business Survey 2021 seeks to assess the level of digitalisation amongst the local business community as it makes headway in its digital transformation journey. The survey was conducted through CATI between December 2020 and January 2021. 431 businesses across Malta and Gozo were int...
Insights into Buying Behaviour Attitudes - Internet & eCommerce Use by Consumers Survey 2021
Published On: Apr 8th 2021
The latest study carried out by the Malta Communications Authority looks into how consumption patterns utilising eCommerce are evolving, especially amidst turbulent times. The research detected a 2% increase in Internet usage in 2020, when compared to the previous survey in 2016. According to the study, 82% of Inte...