Open Data - EMF Audit 2020

The data set contains the real-time EMF values in V/m as measured in the public carriage ways of Malta and Gozo during 2020. 

The MCA has the responsibility to ensure that the levels of non-ionising radiation from radio frequency transmitters are within the levels applicable in Malta as determined by the relevant competent authorities.  These levels refer to those of ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection. Further information can be found in 

The files contain the following column information:

  • MaxOfEMF level: the real-time EMF measured value
  • EMF Units: The unit of the EMF measurement (V/m)
  • Latitude: The latitude co-ordinate (WGS 84) 
  • Latitude Direction: The latitude direction 
  • Longitude: The longitude co-ordinate (WGS-84)
  • Longitude Direction: The longitude direction
  • LastOfTime (UTC): The time when the measurement was recorded
  • Date: The date when the measurement was recorded