MCA Publishes Postal Household Perceptions Survey

As the regulator for postal services, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) carries out regular market research in the form of a series of perception surveys.

The Household Perceptions Survey, carried out in July and August of 2018, tracks the perceptions of consumers with regards to the Maltese postal services. It confirms the trends of declining demand for addressed letter mail and the subsequent increase in parcel mail volumes.

The survey highlights the growth of eCommerce and the now widespread use of technology as both a substitute and a complement to different parts of the postal services.

The survey also gives insights into more functional elements of the postal service, such as consumer satisfaction with service, pricing, and complaint handling; consumers’ tendencies to use MaltaPost’s website or postcodes; and consumers’ stated preferences and behaviour when using postal services.  

By receiving direct feedback from consumers over multiple years, the MCA can measure changes in how consumers perceive the postal markets over time and reveal interesting trends. This market research can thereby guide the Authority’s decisions and improve regulatory policy. 

Postal Consumer Perception Survey