Legal Advisor

Position Title: Legal Advisor

Organisation: Malta Communications Authority

Jobsplus Permit Number: 359/2021

Prime focus of position:

  • As directed deals with inter-operator (all sectors) complaints and disputes processes. 
  • Assists and advises with regard to the implementation and enforcement of any regulatory obligations emanating from the laws enforced by MCA.
  • Carries out any litigation on behalf of the MCA in relevant adjudicative fora.
  • Carries out research functions in support of the Authority’s programmes, policies and initiatives in a pro-active and timely manner. 
  • Draws up analytical reports in relation to identified policy areas and assesses the implications of local and international developments on the Authority’s policies and strategy. 
  • Prepares and, or edits from a legal perspective, consultation documents for feedback by stakeholders, and final decisions as required.
  • Provides legal advice in support of the regulatory functions of the MCA.
  • Assists Government with legal drafting and advises Government on such matters as necessary
  • Participates and/or contributes towards the achievement of MCA objectives across all operational disciplines.
  • Provides legal input with regard to collection of dues, failure to provide regulatory information by operators. 

Main responsibilities:

  • As required gives advice with regard to inter-operator disputes, end-user versus operator disputes, and any appeals from MCA decisions and complaints versus any operator.
  • Provides input to litigation issues via the drafting of position papers, submissions of the MCA position to the relevant adjudicative forum and/or attendance at any such forum. 
  • Defends the MCA’s position in litigation matters in any adjudicative fora as required.
  • Briefs and updates any outsourced legal or other resources engaged by the MCA as necessary, with a view to maximising their engagement.
  • Proposes and drafts legal texts for the consideration of Government.
  • Advises on the effective implementation and enforcement of any laws or regulatory decisions relating to the sectors falling within the remit of the MCA.
  • Provides legal advice on decisions, strategy, consultative papers, position papers and any other matter requiring legal vetting or interpretation. 
  • Researches, collects and analyses information relevant to the various MCA policy areas for onward dissemination in the Authority. 
  • Assesses the impact of local and international trends and developments on the legal and regulatory framework of the MCA and recommends any required changes.
  • Reviews Consultation Documents, final decisions as required and submits feedback as appropriate. .
  • Participates in or manages projects and initiatives as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Carries out research with respect to policy areas assigned.
  • Prepares impact assessment reports.
  • Conducts research on local and international developments in the respective policy fields of the Authority.
  • Contributes to the review and possible refinement of internal procedures and processes.
  • Drafts or assists in the drafting/vetting of consultation papers and deals with the related processes leading up to the decision phase. 
  • Drafts or assists in drafting of legislation 
  • Drafts or assists in drafting of legal documents including court submissions 
  • Participates in projects as assigned. 


  • Communicates with the Operators and other key stakeholders, including contracted parties and the general public as necessary.
  • Maintains a close working relationship with internal staff members to facilitate a cohesive and integrated approach in the Authority’s operations and the ultimate fulfilment of the Strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Communicates with the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the State Advocate and other institutional players as necessary.


  • Undertakes other assignments as directed.


  • Research
  • Consultation Documents
  • Regulatory Decisions 
  • Policy Analysis
  • Legal Advice 
  • Project Implementation

Qualifications / Skills Required:

  • Is in possession of a warrant to practise as an advocate in Malta.
  • Solid analytical and report writing skills coupled with an excellent command of verbal and written English and Maltese.
  • Ability to carry out analytical and research work and to evaluate, assimilate and report on findings.
  • Proficiency in the use of office automation tools.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Ideally has experience in the communications sectors falling under the remit of the MCA.
  • Experience in legal drafting, court proceedings and a proven track record in litigation will be considered an asset.
Vacancy Status: 
Public Call
Vacancy Closing Date: 
Tuesday 17th May 2022