On the job learning programme

The MCA is launching the ‘On the job learning programme’ which is an initiative geared towards post-secondary students who wish to gain workplace experience during the summer recess with the Authority.   The Programme aims at providing an opportunity for students to start applying educational teachings through practical work assignments whilst being exposed to the work of the Authority.  Students will be working under the direct supervision of the Human Resource Manager, with mentors being assigned for each student who will be working on specific tasks or projects in areas related to the work of the MCA.   At the end of the programme, students will be required to submit a short report or deliver a presentation related to the work assignment/project and their experience at the Authority. 

Programme guidelines for this year are the following

  • In-takes are expected to take place in end-July
  • The programme shall run for 10 weeks – the working week being of 30 hours (i.e. each student will be given 300hrs of work experience)
  • Students will be paid a rate of remuneration of €6.10 per hour and will be entitled to pro-rata Government bonus and pro-rata vacation and sick leave
  • The programme is open for students at post-secondary level, with preference being given to those undertaking studies in relevant fields (ICT, management, business, communications)

Students are kindly requested to submit their CV along with their application form via email on vacancies@mca.org.mt by not later than the closing date.

Vacancy Closing Date: 
Thursday 14th June 2018