Career Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Information Technology

Prime Focus of Position

The Technical Specialist – Information Technology (TS – IT) will participate in and contribute to the implementation of various projects and on-going activities related to the information management systems of the Authority.  Such activities include ensuring continued uptime for already implemented information systems as well as the development of policy, strategy and upgrade plans shaping the future direction of the Authority’s information management systems. The TS – IT will also actively support the Authority’s ever growing digital services regulation remit whereby they will assist members of the Information Management and Development Unit (IMDU) in their regulatory work through his / her experience on digital systems.

The position will report to the Senior Manager ICT and Digital Services or a designated manager within the Unit.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Implements and maintains an up-to-date IT/IS strategy and policy for the MCA.

  • Designs and supports the internal ERP processes.

  • Designs, develops and supports applications and related procedures based around the MS SharePoint product set to process data and resolve business problems.

  • Involvement in the design, development and deployment of web applications based on diverse forms technologies, from specification, through testing to implementation and following quality standards and processes.
  • Helps ensure the correct functioning of the organisation’s IT systems at all times.
  • Assists in the management of information plans, through systematic identification of information needs, and of the associated risks and benefits; thereby driving organisation-wide information sharing.
  • Implements and maintains an adequate security policy to ensure safety, integrity and confidentiality of data.
  • Forward looking planning and performing of network upgrades, updates, re-designs and enhancements.
  • Develops and implements IT and IS training and awareness strategies within the MCA.
  • Develops and ensures the appropriateness and integrity of records and knowledge management tools and systems.
  • Coordinates the implementation of initiatives / projects and liaise between all stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Conduct research on the related themes as required.
  • Represent the MCA on committees, meetings and other events as required, both locally and abroad.
  • Delivers presentations as needed in support of IMDU initiatives / projects.
  • Performs any other task assigned by the Senior Manager, ICT & Digital Services.


  • Implement the project activities in accordance with agreed plans;
  • Contribute to the business planning process and its implementation;
  • Recommend new initiatives and work plans leading to the achievement of objectives relating to the Group’s functions; and
  • Adhere to internal policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates with the organisation’s ICT related vendors.

Technical processes:

  • Helps ensure compliance with digital services related regulations;
  • Research and disseminate information with relevant stakeholders;
  • Monitor progress of each critical phase of entrusted projects;
  • Ensure quality and timeliness of the project outputs and results;
  • Maintain all the relevant technical and financial documents; and
  • Prepare and submit the relevant management and financial reports.


  • Adopt a professional approach with third parties;

  • Effective information management;
  • Project leadership for the achievement of MCA’s objectives and strategies;
  • Quality of technical work produced;
  • Implementation of the appropriate international standards / methodologies;
  • Implementation of project and on-going activities; and
  • Adherence to applicable policies and procedures.

Qualifications / Skills Required:

  • Degree or higher (EQF level 6) in Computing, IT or a related discipline with at least 2 years’ experience in the field; OR
  • Diploma (EQF level 5) in Computing, IT or related discipline with at least 8 years’ experience in the field.
  • Experience with the Microsoft Server platform.
  • Experience in an SQL environment and SQL Reporting.
  • Experience in a SharePoint environment.
  • Experience of backup/restore processes.
  • Experience in cloud technologies.
  • Knowledge of Windows Server and Active Directory technologies.
  • Microsoft Office desktop application integration with SharePoint.
  • General networking principles.
  • Knowledge of workflow will be desirable.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and analytical skills as well as excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to create clear and concise process documentation.
  • A responsible, methodical and organised approach.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to participate as a member of a team.
  • Recognised certifications in information technology or related fields are desirable.
  • Interest in digital services-oriented regulation matters will be desirable.

MCA Reference: 
Jobsplus permit number 519/2023
Vacancy Status: 
Public Call
Vacancy Closing Date: 
Saturday 30th September 2023