Career Opportunity: Procurement & Administrative Officer

Prime focus of position:

 Accountable to the Human Resources & Administrative Manager for the management of the MCA’s procurement processes  ensuring  compliance  with  internal  and  government  procurement  policies and  legislation  including  liaison  with  Government  Ministries  and  Departments  for appropriate procurement approvals;

 Act as a channel through which all procurement is directed ensuring best value for money,   purchasing   through   competition   and   regular   benchmarking   to   ensure competitive prices.

Accountable for the administrative issues related to premises and facilities management.


Main Responsibilities:

Liaises   with   Staff   on   procurement    requirements,   analyzing   and evaluating procurement requests and providing advice;

Obtains quotes, evaluates costs and seeks to achieve best value for money;

Ensures  expenditure  has  been  budgeted  for  and  are  provided  for  through  the appropriate funding;

Raise purchase orders, monitor outstanding purchase orders and ensure accuracy of supplier invoicing;

Develop rapport with suppliers and negotiate best prices;

Ensures  compliance  with  MCA  &  government  procurement  policies,  procedures, legislation and best practice;

Ensures adherence to government financial directives;

Resolves  problems  related  to  purchasing,  delivery,  receiving  and  payment  to  the supplier;

Determines source of the problem and takes appropriate corrective action;

Identifies areas where savings can be made and current practices improved;

Liaises   with   Government   ministries/departments   for   appropriate   procurement approvals;

Coordinates  the  Tendering/RFP  process  and  drafts all related documentation (tenders/contracts etc) in liaison with the staff involved;

Ensures all binding documentation is vetted by Legal;

Maintains an accurate filing system ensuring documentation is filed appropriately;

Develops and implements Health and Safety policy guidelines and enhances the quality of office accommodation and equipment; and

Performs  other  duties  as  assigned  by  the  Human Resources & Administrative Manager



Responsible for preparation of purchase orders and coordinating the preparation of tenders/request for proposals within the guidelines of MCA Procurement Policies and Procedures;

Compliance with procurement procedures and appropriate authorizations obtained in line with MCA and government procurement policies; and

Goods/Services are delivered / rendered as requested.


Key Selection Criteria:

In possession of an academic qualification at the level of a Diploma in Procurement, Administration or equivalent, recognized and comparable qualification;

5 years experience in a sales / procurement;

Good negotiating skills;

Sound analytical and problem solving skills;

Planning and organisational capabilities;

Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in both Maltese and English;

Good interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of staff and third parties;

Ability to work on own initiative and ability to participate as a member of team; &

Proficient in the use of an extensive range of office automation software.


MCA Reference: 
Jobsplus permit number 367/2019
Vacancy Status: 
Public Call
Vacancy Closing Date: 
Monday 17th June 2019