Provision of advertising, public relations and other communications services to the MCA



 The MCA would like to notify that the tender has been awarded as per notice available below.

LATEST UPDATE - 05.04.12
The attached document lists the tenders received and the financial breakdown of the services being required by this tender.
This tender is now at the evaluation stage.

Sealed tenders will be received up to 1200hrs on Thursday, 5th April 2012

Interested bidders are invited to contact the Procurement Officer via e-mail on or call on 2133 6840  for further information or clarifications by not later than 1200hrs Tuesday, 20th March 2012.
Question 1.  What is the expected publication size of an Annual Report and Financial Statements ?
Answer 1.  The number of pages can range between 80  to 112 pages as seen from previous annual reports, which are all available for download from the MCA website. The number of final pages depends on the proposed size and layout of the report. For the purpose of this tender, bidders are requested to assume a total of 112 pages.
Question 2.  We are a newly formed Company, we have not gone through the exercise of drawing up an annual report, although our designer was involved in such an exercise sometime back  with his former employers. Are we eligible to apply for this tender?
Answer 2.  As indicated in the tender document, we are asking for 3 years experience as a company. Additionally in the samples table, one of the samples has to be an annual report, which was designed and produced by the company bidding for the tender. Unfortunately, we cannot consider your company as eligible to apply for this tender on this occasion.
Question 3. According to the instruction to tenderers (page 10)  we are to submit a ‘(c) Statement of consent by the bidder of the conditions outlined in the proposed contract available in Volume 2, Section 1, should the bidder be awarded the contract.’ However we cannot locate the template for this statement in the tender dossier. Can you please guide us accordingly.
Answer 3. Bidders are free to compose a consent statement of their own accord as they deem fit.
Question 4. Re the samples, as per page 30 of the tender dossier, tenderers are requested to submit and list samples of work, including print material that was commissioned in the past 3 years. These samples, together with the rationale, will be used to gauge tenderers’ innovative and creative skills in preparing communications materials. Are we to provide the rationale re the samples of past work, or is this refereeing to the first part of the Evaluation re summary of understanding of MCA’s requirements. Kindly clarify.
Answer 4. Bidders are requested to submit a rationale for every sample submitted. This rationale will assist the Adjudication Committee in gauging the agency’s creativity and innovation, how this is applied in the design process and how reflective the final product is of the initial design rationale.  
Question 5. Reference is made to evaluation task 2; Does the bidder need to create a new name and slogan ? 
Answer 5. The aim of the exercise is to create a logo and slogan that can potentially be used in public campaigns promoting any activity under the eAgeing initiatives - initiatives of which are aimed at encouraging the ageing population to make more use of ICT and thus not suffer social exclusion. The Authority has provided some backgroud information to it's eAgeing initiatives so that the bidders can get a better understanding of what the objectives of the initiatives are and who the target audience is.
Question 6. Reference is made to evaluation task 2; Is the name eageing initiatives or aging well ? 
Answer 6. eAgeing initiatives and Ageing well - digital opportunities for the growing elderly population, are terms used in the MCA's strategic and business plans and simply explain the drive behind such activity. 
Question 7. Reference is made to evaluation task 2; Is the slogan digital opportunities for the growing elderly population ?
Answer 7. No - as explained before, this is just a strategic direction. Bidders are requested to develop a slogan targeting the audience in question.
Question 8. Could you kindly verify that the name for MCA project targeted towards the elderly has been established as “eAgeing”. Thus tenderers would be required to provide a slogan for this specific initiative and a logo and not propose a name for this project.
Answer 8. Yes, the name of the project and related initiatives is eAgeing. Bidders are expected to create a logo and slogan only.
Question 9. Re: Financial Offer – Item G xxii – General campaign management fee; Could you clarify the term General campaign management fee – as you are aware all media assign a standard agency commission to the agencies. Is it being questioned whether there is an additional fee to charge the MCA?

Answer 9. Bidders are requested to indicate whether a campaign management fee is applicable, over and above commission received from media.

Question 10.With reference to the portion of the tender that is requesting tenderers to draft and design a script and storyboard for a corporate video, can you kindly elaborate on what MCA consider to be its raison d’etre.

Answer 10. All information about the MCA and its activities are available on its website

Rectification 1. Reference is made to the first bullet under section 5.1.1, “Selection Criteria” from the tender document.
First paragraph should read: Evidence of relevant experience in carrying out services of a similar nature over the past three (3) years including the nature and value, as well as contracts in-hand and contractually committed.
Rectification 2. Reference is made to form “2. Experience as Contractor” under Volume 1 Section 3, “Tenderer’s Statements” from the tender document. The description should read: List of contracts of similar nature and extent performed during the past three (3) years


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Friday, February 24, 2012
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Thursday, April 5, 2012
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